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School begins:

Summer is over, and the new school term has begun. Remember to study hard and do your best! What better way to strengthen your english skills than with our positively reinforced "Speak out" courses? Build your confidence, have fun, and learn english from top teachers! Or, having trouble with Longman? Well, fear not, because at thinkfast, we implement Longman Elect syllabus for our grammr coursesl, just like your school!

you can find a listing of some of our courses below, or just CALL our HOTLINE. Book now though, seats always fill up fast! ;-)

 Courses available this year:

- Thinkfast Speak Out Course

sharpen your speech and confiudence skills with live situations.

- Thinkfast Pearson's London Test of English Course

 Looking for a formal approach to enlighten your english education? PTE is the way to go, as it covers the essential steps in english grammr through "Assessment Preparation" style learning. Certified by the HKEAA. Pass the exam with distinction, obtain your certificate that will follow your entire school career.

- Longman Elect Course

Looking to improve your grammar skills? Sign up for our special longman elect course, we teach what you need help with in school. Improve your in class skill, test skills, and everything to oral skills. We follow the Hong Kong Bureau of Education Guidlines.

- Thinkfast Drama Course

Ever wanted to be an actor or actress? Here's your chance! Enroll in our drama course, learn the basic steps to becoming and aspiring actor or actress.Write plays, take on hali\rious, and serious roles, make costumes, and sing funny songs!

- Thinkfast PhonicsFast Course

Learn the basic building blocks of phonics with our carefully planned phonics course, stages 1 and 2 are for beginning phonics learners, Stage 3 is for our more advanced phonics learners. All students will be provided with a tailor made phonics book, 100% certain to see positive results in 2 to 3 weeks!

-Thinkfast Playfast Playgroup Course

Want your young learner or toddler to be introduced to english? Then our playgroup is your best choice!

At our English Playgroup you will find a stimulating and successful program of learning, playing and care, taught by the very best trained English specialist teachers.

Within the school there is a strong belief in children receiving a challenging and inspirational education and in developing their own talents and personalities in preparation for their future education.

Our bilingual program teaches fluency in English through a well-structured, thematic approach to learning.


ThinkFastNewsletter of the Week:

April  2011


Online and Active!

Greetings Parents,

What better way to involve your children in English activities than have 24/7 access to online questions and discussions. We want to know what your child is absorbing and learning throughout the week just as much as you, because we care about every detail. When our teachers aren’t in the classroom, they are just one message away. Join group discussions amongst students, get help with homework, send creative questions through email, and have your assignments edited. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to send in your supportive questions and requests that you, as a parent, want personally from each lesson. You know what they say, “Practice makes perfect”. At Thinkfast, we implement this philosophy 100% of the time, whether our doors are open at the Centre or online.

Parents:Remember to encourage your kids to check the website each week to answer the “English question of the Day.”


Quote of the week:Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”



Mr. David Bossium

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