About Us

English Fun is a team of experienced educationists dedicated to assisting you – student or teacher – to achieve your goals in English language learning in Hong Kong.

We are a group of professionals who can offer what no individual can offer you – a range of thoughtfully prepared English language programs and courses that complement and support formal school education, conducted by native English-speaking teachers committed to providing quality services.

Our programs are based on a variety of teaching strategies, including songs, rhymes, drama, shared reading, story-telling, creative writing, art and crafts, directed at enhancing the students’ basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We particularly encourage students to relate and share their own ideas and thoughts and to actively participate through speaking and conversational activities. Courses are interactive and are designed to ensure that the students participate in the learning process.

Our aim is to provide students with a lively and pleasurable English learning environment to encourage and support learning at all levels. We have an immense understanding of students' needs and are focused on helping them to reach their full potential.