School-Based Service

Thinkfast offers its services, not in competition with teachers and schools or as a replacement for formal education, but as a complementary resource. We aim to enhance the quality of English language education that Hong Kong students need.

By providing quality language education to our students, we help them not only to achieve the required educational standards, but also to build a solid foundation in the English language. Their improved listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will boost their self-confidence in their use of the English language.

Kindergarten Programs
The focus of the kindergarten programs is on introducing young children to the English language and arousing their interest in acquiring use of it. The content is primarily oral, involving listening and speaking, with the emphasis, as always, on having fun with English.

Courses developed for children at kindergarten comprise three main streams:
• Phonics
• English Fun (listening and speaking)
• Story Telling and Shared Reading

Primary School Programs
At primary school age, it is vital to establish a solid foundation in English if students are to build on their knowledge of the language and develop the skills and competencies required to use the language effectively and naturally in the future.

Secondary School Programs
In the level of secondary schooling, we mainly provide opportunities for students to speak more confidently and naturally in English through Drama Programs. From warm-up activities like games, discussion among themselves, drafting plans to the actual play, students will not only improve their spoken English but also expand their limited vocabulary.

Tailor-made Courses
Should your school or organization require a kindergarten or primary level course to meet particular needs of your students, English Fun's team of educationists is ready to help. Please contact us for details.